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Does Your Business Need A Blog Management Service?

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So you started a blog to generate website traffic or to help build your email list. In the beginning, you were diligent about posting a new blog at least once a week, sometimes two or three. You read every review and responded to questions and comments. Then, life happened. A crisis, a business trip, or a new product launch… something that threw you off track. You are not alone! Many blogs have been put on the back burner when life gets busy.
A blog management service is just the thing you and your business need to get you back on track.

Why Use A Blog Management Service?

There are many excellent reasons to have an active blog for your business. Blogs are a great source of new content for your website, helping with SEO. In addition, blogs are a way to connect with your customers, offering helpful information that promotes you and your business as experts in your industry. But, blogs also must be managed to be effective, which can easily be delegated to your virtual assistant (VA).

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Some of the blog management services your VA can include:

Create New Blog Content

Your virtual assistant can help research new blog topics, generate new ideas, and monitor competitors’ blogs. If you are looking to improve your website traffic and reader engagement, it is important that you evaluate the type of content your blog uses. Our virtual assistants can help you create all types of content that engage your target audience.

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Upload And Schedule Blogs

Your virtual assistant can help upload and schedule your blogs to help maintain consistency. If you are looking to increase your readership or authority with search engines, it is important to sustain a regular posting schedule. Our virtual assistant can also add images, tags, and meta descriptions to enhance the SEO and appearance of your blog.

Manage Comments

Your virtual assistant can help monitor comments left by your blog readers to help build a great community. If you are looking to grow your audience over time, it is important to include your audience by answering any comments, questions, or concerns. Our virtual assistants can help foster discussions, review feedback, and gain insight into your audience.

Market Your Blog

Your virtual assistant can help market your blog through your social media channels or newsletter. If you are looking for great content to post to your social media channels, why not strengthen your social reach with great already made content. Our virtual assistants can tailor each post for your unique network and audience. Additionally, including your blog in your newsletter will help generate reports to show what content your audience is most interested in.

Blog Management Services From CVA

A mismanaged blog can actually do more harm than good for your business. Do not let a good idea go lousy and mar your brand.
Let your VA help you get your blog back on track and work for, instead of against, building your business.

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Posted on March 16th, 2022 by Client Advocate Team

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