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Is Blogging Holding You Back?


You know a blog has the ability to drive sales, boost engagement and turn new customers into dedicated return clients. To do it properly, though, you’ll need to be committed to producing a steady flow of new content and optimizing it to reach your intended audience. Your blog can be an invaluable asset, but managing it can be an incredible time-suck and a source of stress. You don’t have to choose between peace of mind and a thriving business, though. Find out how you can turn blogging from the millstone around your neck to the crown jewel of your business. 

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Blogging For Your Small Business

Your marketing plan for your small business can include a variety of tools. Today, it’s important understand what those tools are, which are important for your particular business as well as how to best implement them. One of those tools is blogging. In case you wonder about the usefulness of blogging as part of your marketing plan for our business, check out this article.

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Should I be Blogging for My Company?

Any company with an online presence is expected to put out some marketing material out into the world—whether it’s social media updates, YouTube videos, Instagram photos, or eBooks. But one of the most tried and true ways to increase web traffic for a low cost is blogging.

Blogs have the ability to drive traffic to your page, let customers know about your experience and services, and get blog readers to know a little bit more about your company in the process. However, blogging isn’t something that can be done just once in a while or be done with a lackadaisical effort. In order to really reap the benefits, blogging is something that should be completed with a lot of thought (and a lot of spelling and grammar checks).

So, should you be blogging for your company? Here are a couple of things to think about before you commit.

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Is Blogging Worth Your Time?

Blogging – is it still worth the effort to write a note to your followers through a blog? Seems like every website and business has a blog, but do they still bring new customers or improved traffic to those websites? If not done correctly, they may not. However, blogging can still be an effective SEO strategy to add new content to your website and intrigue new potential customers to visit your website. Here are a few tips to make the time you spend on your blog worthwhile.

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Has Blogging Run Its Course?

When it comes to SEO and generating web traffic, nothing ever stays status-quo. Many digital marketing strategies that were standard business practices just a few years ago are now considered ineffective and outdated. Keyword stuffing and other tactics have gone to the wayside, so you may be wondering if blogging has also run its course. Let’s take a closer look at this component of your digital marketing to help you determine whether it is worth your time, energy and money.

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Get your Blogging Ideas into Virtual Reality

Blogs are a great way for new potential customers to take a look at your business, before you actually meet. The worldwide web is where most people go to find what they need these days, which gives you the amazing opportunity to get new clients from around the globe. Whether you need help just getting a blog started or keeping your blog updated, you might realize that your expertise could be used more efficiently elsewhere in your business.

You may have an abundance of ideas to get some blogs started, so find someone with expertise and time to put them in order for you. Hiring a virtual assistant, who knows about blogging and content management, will save you the painstaking time and energy of learning one more thing. They take what you have written, edit it and post to your website. Even if writing isn’t your thing, a virtual assistant can put words to your blogging ideas.

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