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Common Sense Business Management Practices

Business Management Practices

The common-sense way of doing business is not always as intuitive as it should be. We sometimes over-complicate a task or idea when, if we just gave it an honest moment of reflection, answers would come and the task would be less daunting. If you’re a busy owner with many employees, you might also think about hiring an online business manager

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The Positive Professional

positive professional

Running a small business can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but it can also be stressful, tiring and discouraging. How do you stay positive and help everyone else who works with you keep encouraged? 

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Good Leaders Need Good Followers


There’s a lot of good reference information available regarding the importance and qualities of good leadership in business. What about the followers? This term “followers” refers to the people who work for and with the leadership of an organization. You can have the best leadership money, experience, and training can provide, however, without followers, there is no point to corporate leadership.                                    

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Business Practices That Promote Work-Life Balance

work-life balance

The Boomer generation defined the “workaholic” approach to business life. They needed to read this. Generations since then have gravitated more to valuing work-life balance. As the Boomers move into their retirement, the Next Gens and Millennials are asking for more out of life. They want to work hard, but they also have home and outside interests they want to pursue, and they don’t want to eat stress for lunch every day. Can a small business create policies that not only help the company but care for the employee as well? 

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March Small Business Blog Ideas

Spring, blog

If you have a blog for your small business, you need to come up with great blog ideas ahead of time. If you don’t have a blog yet and not sure how to start one, read this.  Now is a great time to plan interesting and useful blog titles for March. Take advantage of the coming holidays and season to provide themes and inspiration for topics that will engage your customers and, hopefully, pull in new followers. No time in your schedule? This is a perfect assignment for your virtual assistant.

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The Marketing Power of Storytelling

storytelling, marketing

We don’t often think of marketing as great storytelling, but the best marketing always is. Think about why your loyal customers stay with your company or brand. Do they trust you since they’ve used your services or products for many years? There are many stories there to tell. What about the story you want to tell about the passion you have for what your company does? What does that mean to the rest of the community or to the larger area, or perhaps the country?  

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