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Who Can Benefit from a VA?

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In this month’s CVA Guidance YouTube discussion, Who Can Benefit from a VA, we discuss some surprising businesses!

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Wishing You a Season of Joy

wishing positive season

Wishing You a Season of Joy

We are wishing you the best season! This year has been tough for you. We want you to know that this holiday season, through thick and thin, we too are here for you. At this joyous time of year, we tend to look towards all that we are grateful for. Our work, families and friends, and our opportunities each day. 

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From Our Families to Yours

In this month’s CVA Guidance YouTube discussion, From Our Families to Yours, we did something a little different.

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The Charitable Small Business


Small businesses should consider working with charities and doing community service year-round. Serving the community they work in not only shows they care about more than the bottom line, but can do some real good, encouraging a culture of giving and helping to make the world they work in a bit better. It’s also not bad for business since statistics show that customers today tend to develop loyalty for brands that support causes, they care about. Good leadership also involves giving your employees a chance to give back.

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Integration and Automation Saves You Time

Automation words on a ball being rolled uphill by a worker putting in too much effort who could be improving the process for greater efficiency

Time is the one resource every entrepreneur runs short on. Maintaining consistent posting schedules for your blog and social media are challenges in themselves. Add an email newsletter and updates needed on your website and it is easy to fall behind. Falling behind was not in my client’s game plan. She has new arenas she wants to enter and it is my job to get existing marketing avenues updated and flowing consistently, so she can make a stronger push into new opportunities.

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Utilizing VA Skills to Excel to the Next Level


This particular client has utilized the skills and talents offered by virtual assistant (VA) teams for many areas of her business. She recognizes the value of outsourcing tasks to those who possess skillsets that she doesn’t have, rather than trying to do everything herself. Her confidence in me as her VA has been founded on my ability to listen to her concerns, calmly evaluate the situation and develop efficient solutions for her business.

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