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Avoid These Mistakes When Using VAs

When you run a small business, it’s easy to feel like there isn’t enough time in the day or days in the week to get everything done. From digital online presence, to regular marketing, bookkeeping, sales and inventory or providing services, is it possible to get everything done without having a huge staff or brick and mortar to run? Of course it is, especially for certain types of businesses.

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Taking Care of Yourself Will Help Your Business

It’s a common theme that entrepreneurs and business owners put a lot of hours in to make their business work. Hiring a good VA can take some of your daily tasks off your plate, but even then, owners often spend too many hours on the job. While hard work is certainly a virtue, not caring for yourself so you get burned out is not. Not only can “burning out” or focusing only on making your business work hurt your relationships and your health, eventually, it will hurt your business. Sometimes a little effort on your part to de-stress after work will help. Burn-out on the job isn’t helped by “doing more.” Ever hear the phrase, “work smarter, not harder?” Taking care of yourself is part of how that works.

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Keep Your Office Running with a VA

How on Earth do you get everything done, especially with limited active employees, or maybe none at all besides yourself? Virtual Assistants can handle just about any type of task necessary in an office. They can literally keep your “Office” running on a daily basis, which gives the owner a lot of flexibility in where they can work from, or in taking time off. Working with VAs can make it possible for a self-employed business owner to go on a vacation without the business falling apart.

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Businesses that Benefit from Hiring Virtual Assistants

You might have noticed that home-based businesses are becoming far more common, and that for home-based as well as brick and mortar companies, hiring virtual assistants is becoming a noticeable trend. How might your business might benefit from working with virtual assistants? Your immediate ability to benefit may be affected by your industry.

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Virtual Assistants as Copy Writers and Editors

Outside of customer letters and general reporting, today businesses are expected to have an online social presence. Your website might be beautiful and user friendly, but your pages have to say something that your potential customers want or need to hear. If you need help with that, you might want to brush up on the Basics of Writing Copy for Your Website.  Your website should post interesting content about your industry that establishes you as a leader in the field, but what do you do if you aren’t much of a writer or you simply don’t have the time? Having a virtual assistant or team can solve this problem.

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What to have Your Virtual Assistant Do: Outsource

There’s never been a time in history with more technical ability or need to outsource some of your company’s workload. If you’re undecided regarding whether or not you should outsource some of your company work, you can check out To Outsource or Not to Outsource. Without the expense of a brick and mortar business, home-business entrepreneurs have many options to create full service attention for their clients at far less overhead cost. You may have short-term accounts that require outsource help on a temporary basis, but today, much more of the day to day office and account maintenance is easy to outsource on a long-term, perhaps even permanent, basis.

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