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E-Mail Management

E-mail management is tricky because it has two different goals. The first one is to manage your e-mail inbox into organized and understandable files. The second one is to manage your outgoing email marketing campaign. Setting up your email system correctly will take some time, but in the long run, you will reap the benefits. Chaos has no place in work flow and managing your e-mail system is one of the first steps to preventing chaos.

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Top Email Mistakes You’re Making—And How to Fix Them

We use email every single day of our professional lives. It’s so important to be able to effectively communicate digitally—but the truth is that many of us are making some pretty big mistakes before we hit that “send” button.

Let’s take a look at some of the top email mistakes we make and learn how to fix them.

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Save Time by Creating Email Templates

Did you know that you can create email templates in almost any online mail platform? From Gmail to MailChimp to Salesforce, there are a ton of options for creating email templates. You can even have a virtual assistant (VA) create these templates for you, to save you time and money!

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Save Time with Email Organization

Do you show up for work ready to get down to business only to find yourself bogged down with too many emails? Are you spending so much time sifting through emails that your current projects are suffering? You are not alone. On average, people can spend up to two hours a day just on email correspondence, both reading and replying. If you are spending too much time in your inbox, it’s time to get organized. Save time and learn how to organize your inbox with these tips that will help you use your time wisely and clear the chaos.

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Inbox Overload: Getting Things Under Control

Our e-mail inbox can become the bane of our professional existence. While vital in almost every enterprise, it can quickly siphon off an hour or two off your productivity every day if not kept under control. For business owners and managers, this is time that often could be better spent growing and managing their business. If you have found your inbox becoming increasingly overloaded, wasting your precious time, it is time to get this electronic monster under control!

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How Your VA Can Help You With Email Management

Email in business is as essential as it is time consuming. Many business owners can find themselves spending hours a day reading, responding to and archiving their inbox, with many individuals receiving hundreds of emails a day. This can become a drain on your time, taking you away from other activities that are more productive for growing your business. It is time to get freedom from your email and let your Virtual Assistant help you with managing your inbox.

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