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Mass Emailing for Your Small Business

Mass emailing is more than sending ads or announcements en masse. It’s a strategic part of a business marketing plan which keeps stakeholders, partners and subscribers informed regarding company events, new products and promotions on a regular basis. It’s also a task easily completed by your virtual assistant. Email marketing is a large industry, with software and some free services to help businesses and organizations reach their customers, patrons and networking partners. You may want to consider a few programs out there by reading Convertkit vs Mailchimp – What’s the Difference?

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Using Infusionsoft to Streamline Your Business


Small businesses are always looking for new ways to streamline processes. Working “smarter, not harder,” should be the goal for any business owner in reaching goals, providing quality products and services, and treating customers with care and respect. Doing that properly in the digital age requires the right software. To streamline your business, one of the most useful software packages on the market today is Infusionsoft.

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4 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your E-Mail Marketing Strategy

There is so much pressure to get everything right in a mass e-mail to your customers. Whether you have important information to pass onto them (such as a sale or a new service offered in your business), it’s crucial to make sure your mass marketing e-mails are going to be effective and worth your time.

If you’re not quite seeing the results that you need from e-mail marketing, here are a few things you might be doing wrong (and how to fix it!).

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ConvertKit vs Mailchimp – What’s the Difference?

When you’re considering which provider to use for your email list and campaigns, you can get positive recommendations on both ConvertKit and Mailchimp. They are both used widely and can serve your needs, but there are differences. Understanding the difference between these two popular services can help you make the right choice before you sign up for an account and find it doesn’t offer what you expected.

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4 Ways to Attain More Email Subscribers

Email subscribers are a valuable commodity in the land of internet marketing. The power has shifted from old fashioned pamphlet mailers into a universe that revolves around how big you can grow your email subscription list. Keeping your subscribers after they sign up is how business owners can turn leads into actual customers. So how do you attain more subscribers in a world where millions of other business owners are vying for your customer’s attention?

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Providing System Support for Event Success

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As a Virtual Assistant (VA), much of what I do is providing ongoing support for my clients’ changing needs. Occasionally, however, a client has a special project that requires more specialized skills and has a set deadline that has to be met. I just completed such a project with my client in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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