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New Year, New Work Habits

The end of 2020 is rapidly approaching, bringing to a close an unprecedented rollercoaster of a year. Under normal circumstances, this would be a time when people start looking toward the holiday season and the upcoming new year, focusing on hopes and goals for the year ahead. 2020 has been anything but normal circumstances, though. 

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Fitness Tips for Those Working from Home

Fitness Working from Home

In this country, we’ve never before seen the number of people working from home before as we do now. By the end of the year, it is estimated that upwards of 63 million Americans will work from home. Some may only continue this until their businesses can go back to functioning normally, however, many businesses will find that having remote employees has turned out to be productive and less expensive for their business. Along with working at home, some find it’s tough to go work out. Staying at home near our fridge and pantry also tempts us throughout the day. Here’s are some useful tips to staying fit when you work out of your home:

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Hiring Temps vs Hiring Virtual Assistants

Many companies save money by choosing to work with temp agencies who deal with employee hiring, benefits and payroll in whole or in part. Technology has changed the way we do business over the past decades, and one of the most recent changes is the addition of hiring virtual assistants, which have become part of our work culture. 

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Tips – Remotely Working While Traveling


It’s the holiday season and business owners and employees will probably travel to see family and friends. If you’re a business owner, that probably includes doing some company work on the side while traveling. How do you best manage to stay productive and efficient while taking as little time away from your visits as possible?

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Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas


Thanksgiving is a great time to reach out to existing and potential customers and it doesn’t require a great deal of time or money to do so. It’s the time of year that communities are focused on celebrating the holidays, gearing up for family and festivities and ending the year in reflection and plans for the new one. Many businesses think of Thanksgiving marketing as the springboard for new campaigns, even into the next year.  It’s a great time to give thanks for your customers while taking helping holiday sales.

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How Not to Hate Your Job

Most people have to work to support themselves and their family. It’s easy to understand why many people get stuck in a job they don’t love but need in order to afford their lifestyle. They go in, do their work and then go home to an outside life. Is it possible to be the owner or CEO and still hate your job? If you suspect that’s you, think through how excited you are to get in to the office or to your desk at home in the morning. If you’re burning the candle at both ends and still feel behind, chances are you aren’t very satisfied. You might hate your job at this stage very much. For an owner, this is a real problem.

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