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Manage Your List With CVA’s Infusionsoft Tune-Up

Managing your email list and regular fine-tuning of your CRM is vitally important. By the time you’re alerted to an issue (an email from your service provider is something you do NOT want!) you already have issues. You’ve hurt your reputation and have wasted money and time emailing people who are NOT getting your emails.

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Referral Program: What You Need To Know

women uses megaphone for word-of-mouth advertising and telling friends about referral program.

Do you want to increase your business and profitability? Then, it’s time to start using a referral program that will help you get more new customers coming in the door. Read our post to learn about the benefits of a referral program, as well as a three-step process to set one up for your own business!

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Top Highlights of Infusioncon 2012

It has been a couple months since Infusioncon 2012 and looking back on that week in Arizona, the feelings, enthusiasm and excitement is still with me.  There was so much great content and marketing information that by the end of the week, there wasn’t room for more ––in your brain or your suitcase!

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How to Humanize Your Business

Contemporary VA recently attended InfusionCon and it was amazing!  We were there to learn everything we can about InfusionSoft to pass that knowledge along to our clients to help you make the most out of your Infusionsoft application.  We’ve already conducted training for our VA Team, so we’re ready to tackle your Infusionsoft challenges.

Learning the software was just a small part of this event.  CVA was just a small group of the over 1,500 attendees from across the world.  We learned from some of the brightest minds in today’s business world – including New York Times best selling business author Gary Vaynerchuk; Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask; Entrepreneur Mentor Ali Brown and 35+ others.

The overall theme of the event: Humanizing business.

Times are changing and you’re seeing this “humanization” philosophy everywhere.  We are just starting to humanize logos and brands – PepsiCo has more than 8 million followers on Facebook, with people interacting daily.  Bed Bath & Beyond, a home décor retailer has over 600,000 followers AND they personally reply to all questions within 20 minutes.

It’s not enough to offer a basic product or service. You’ve got to add a living, breathing human element to your brand for it to truly stand out and develop loyal followers.

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