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5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Customer Records

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As your business grows, managing all of your business data becomes increasingly difficult. Customer data, specifically, can be even more challenging to manage. However, your customer records are the most important kind of data you own. Failing to manage your customer records effectively can have devastating consequences on your business. Read our 5 easy ways to organize your data and allow your team to work more efficiently.

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Why Did We Choose Infusionsoft For CVA?

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You may already know that Contemporary VA is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. However, did you know that we also use the software for our own business? We knew that Infusionsoft would be the best fit when evaluating our company’s needs. Read more for a few significant benefits we discovered that caused us to choose Infusionsoft.

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What To Do With Business Cards You Collect

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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you can end up with a mountain of business cards after a networking event. Some cards end up in your wallet, maybe in your laptop bag, or perhaps you throw them into a desk drawer when you get home. You know that the information is valuable, but who has the time to organize that mess? Here are our tips on best using your business cards and making them part of your networking and marketing strategy.

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Manage Your List With CVA’s Infusionsoft Tune-Up

Managing your email list and regular fine-tuning of your CRM is vitally important. By the time you’re alerted to an issue (an email from your service provider is something you do NOT want!) you already have issues. You’ve hurt your reputation and have wasted money and time emailing people who are NOT getting your emails.

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Referral Program: What You Need To Know

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Do you want to increase your business and profitability? Then, it’s time to start using a referral program that will help you get more new customers coming in the door. Read our post to learn about the benefits of a referral program, as well as a three-step process to set one up for your own business!

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Top Highlights of Infusioncon 2012

It has been a couple months since Infusioncon 2012 and looking back on that week in Arizona, the feelings, enthusiasm and excitement is still with me.  There was so much great content and marketing information that by the end of the week, there wasn’t room for more ––in your brain or your suitcase!

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