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Why Copywriting Is Important In Online Marketing

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Marketing without good copy is like laying the floor plan for a house and forgetting to add the stairs. Copywriting is a valuable part of your marketing efforts and neglecting it can lead to a disconnect or failure to reach your audience. Imagine having a two-story house without stairs. You lose the connection between floors. Good copy, like stairs, is necessary to reach where you’re trying to go!

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3 Types Of Content To Connect With Your Instagram Followers

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You have heard that content creation is now a major marketing strategy focus for almost every business. So what type of content will help you gain the most followers and turn them into raving fans? It is important to create a variety of content for each stage as your follower gets to know your business or brand. Here are three important types of content you can create to help increase your Instagram followers.

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Benefits Of An Email Marketing Campaign

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Have you been overlooking the benefits of a great email marketing campaign? Creating a great email marketing campaign may be a hefty undertaking. However, the most successful business owners know that a great email campaign is a powerful tool. Read our blog to learn about how your business can benefit!

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3 Engaging Content Ideas For Your Blog

Do you want to make sure your blog is engaging your audience? As a blogger, we often get stuck in the rut of only posting written content. But what if there was more than just text and links on this site! Offering different formats can help attract new readers while retaining current ones – read our post below for three creative ideas that will spruce things up once again.

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Tips To Keep Your Brand Consistent on Social Media

When is the last time reviewed ALL of your social media efforts to ensure that they were consistent with your brand? Whether you are a large or small business, the key to great branding is consistency. Social media allows your brand to increase awareness with your audience. However, it can also lead to inconsistencies without the proper guidelines in place.

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Jumpstart Your Social Media with CVA

As a small business owner, you wear so many hats that social media coordinator shouldn’t be one of them! But, social media is so important to your business! It is one of the most important ways to connect to your audience, bring in leads and develop relationships with your potential clients, current customers, and even potential employees! So, how do you jumpstart your social media presence?

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