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What Can You Do When Your Team Calls In Sick?

Business Owner Is Burnt Out From Working Extra Hours Without the Help of a Great Team due to Calling in Sick

Have you ever noticed how the world stops when some people get sick? If it takes them a week to get back on their feet, so be it. Their energy is focused on the 4-6 hour intervals of medicine, rest, and chicken soup. However, small business owners don’t have the luxury to call in sick without the help of a great team.

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January 12th, 2022 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Why You Need A Virtual Assistant For Bookkeeping

Shows a Virtual Assistant working on Bookkeeping tasks.

There is one fact the is true in every kind of business out there: You must manage your money to be successful. However, it takes a particular type of person to have a passion for numbers. If your particular passion doesn’t include allocating expenses, then you should read more to see how hiring a virtual assistant for your bookkeeping is more effective.

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December 15th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

3 Thanksgiving Business Lessons

This week amongst the festive chaos of Thanksgiving, it can be easy to lose the feeling of a thankful heart.

Read our Thanksgiving-inspired lessons below to remind you of everything there is to be grateful for!

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November 24th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

10 Important End Of Year Tasks To Organize Your Business

It’s that time of year again! While many people focus on holiday celebrations and new year’s resolutions this time of year, small business owners also need to focus on year-end business planning. Here are 10 important end of year tasks that you can start on to set your business up for success!

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November 17th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Back To School: 3 Helpful Tips To Stay Productive

Image showing Back to School

The beginning of September is always a hectic time. Back to school means getting the kids ready for their first day of class, packing lunches, and getting back into the work routine after summer vacation. It can be hard not to experience a decrease in productivity during this time. Here are three helpful tips on how you can avoid that dip in your business’s output this back-to-school season!

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September 29th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Are You Delegating Successfully To Your Virtual Assistant?

Delegating work to your virtual assistant.

Delegating a project to someone else can be difficult. But, it is important for business owners and managers to do so if they are busy or overwhelmed with other tasks. By delegating projects, you will free up time in your schedule for other activities like networking, meeting new clients, or brainstorming new ideas. This blog post will provide some tips on how to delegate successfully!

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