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Should You Be Using Prepaid Social Media Services?

Social media services

For some people, social media comes naturally and is a genuinely enjoyable part of managing their business. For everyone else, it can feel like a tedious, frustrating task fraught with complications. From growing your audience to interacting with them effectively. Maintaining an online presence can be as demanding as it is stressful. You didn’t launch your business venture to become an expert at communicating 240 characters at a time, though. If keeping up with a variety of social networking accounts is something you don’t enjoy that takes time away from your calling, there is a solution: outsourcing. 

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Building an Affiliate Program

You’ve already heard about building an affiliate program but haven’t thoroughly grasped how it operates, how people benefit from it, or what it is in the first place. If we were to define affiliate marketing in a single sentence, it is a marketing business model in which your clients and/or readers double as your salespeople.

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Why Your Social Media Strategy isn’t Working

social media

There are some people who seem to have an inherent understanding of maximizing their social media presence. For the rest of us, social media can be a singular source of stress and anxiety. This can be particularly true for small business owners and entrepreneurs. No matter how revolutionary your products or services, your social media strategy can feel very “make or break” for your brand. The stakes are quite high, especially for those to whom curating an immaculate feed doesn’t come naturally. 

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Why You Don’t Like Your Website

your website

An informal polling of any group of entrepreneurs and business owners is likely to show many of them have one thing in common. No matter their industry, they probably don’t like their websites. 

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Putting an End to Your Social Media Woes

social media

Social media might make the business world go ‘round, but it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea. For professional users establishing and maintaining a brand’s web presence, it can be particularly stressful. Even power-users of personal accounts can be surprised by the tools, metrics and expertise required to keep a business account running smoothly. Learning the ins and outs of each platform means taking time away from your actual business, too. 

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Copywriting for the Busy Entrepreneur

copywriting entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you already know how many hats you have to wear in order to foster growth and success for your ventures. You have to be an expert in your industry. You also need a working knowledge of things like accounting and taxes, managing payroll, and marketing. Establishing yourself as an authoritative, knowledgeable voice also means becoming an expert copywriter.

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