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Winning Over Virtual Consumers

In the early days of online selling, it was enough to just show up with a great product and commitment to customer service. Today’s online consumers have more options and are more skeptical to buy from just any company. In order to win over virtual consumers, companies need to compete heavily by value instead of price. In fact, according to the Customers 2020 Report by Walker, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Here’s a look at how businesses can expand beyond customer care and service, and focus on a commitment to the customer experience to revolutionize their business.

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Tech Tools To Engage Employees and Boost Efficiency

It’s tough running an online business, and even tougher when you have employees that aren’t engaged in their work. However, there are tech tools you can use to help generate employee engagement and build knowledge assets that will be useful for years to come.

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Website

When was the last time you upgrade your website? While you don’t need to change your website design completely, it is bound to need updates. For many people, your website will be their first interaction with your company. It can have a bigger impact on whether they become a customer or client than any other factor. Here are five ways to consider updating and improving your website to make the best first, second and ongoing impressions on your customers.

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3 Keys to Meet the Needs of Today’s Digital Consumer

Today, companies of all sizes are failing to understand the needs and wants of their customers, a common mistake that can impact future sales and growth. And with more and more options at our disposal, customer loyalty can be fleeting, which is why companies must do everything in the digital consumer’s power to remain top of mind.

Indeed, today’s digital consumers have the whole world at their fingertips — and companies that fail to adapt to ever-changing expectations and desires will get left behind. In order to win over customers and keep them coming back again and again, you’ve got to give them what they want — how they want it.

Nowadays, that means having a bona fide online presence and offering the ability to shop, make payments and seek out customer support through a seamless digital means. Ultimately, there’s a whole book to be written about the different and evolving strategies to keep pace with today’s digital consumer. But the following three factors are among the most critical. Keep these in mind and you’ll be able to not just survive — but thrive — in the modern marketplace.

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Three Tools to Get the Most out of Your Virtual Assistant

With 43 percent of Americans now doing part of their work remotely, according to a recent Gallup survey, virtual assistants are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional in-house administrative assistants. A virtual assistant costs 9 percent the salary of a full-time assistant, translating into savings of $35,000 per year, Conversational Receptionists estimates. Virtual assistants are especially attractive for companies that are using a virtual office or working on a start-up budget.

Virtual assistants perform their best when their employers adopt efficient strategies for deploying them. Here are three tools and techniques to help you get the most out of your virtual assistant.

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How Often Do You Need to Update Your Website?

Let’s face it: we live in a digital age. Before you buy or even think about buying anything, you go online first to research it. As a business owner it’s absolutely crucial to make sure that you have a working, reliable website that your customers and clients can go to for good information about you do and how much it will cost. But how often should you update your website?

We all know that life and business can get hectic, and in the midst of filling orders or making sure that your clients have everything they need, your website may get left in the dust on your to-do list. Here’s when to know that it might be time for a bit of sprucing up your website.

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