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3 Types Of Content To Connect With Your Instagram Followers

Women attracting Instagram Followers With a Magnet.

You have heard that content creation is now a major marketing strategy focus for almost every business. So what type of content will help you gain the most followers and turn them into raving fans? It is important to create a variety of content for each stage as your follower gets to know your business or brand. Here are three important types of content you can create to help increase your Instagram followers.

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What To Do With Business Cards You Collect

A woman with a mobile phone in her hand holds a business cards.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you can end up with a mountain of business cards after a networking event. Some cards end up in your wallet, maybe in your laptop bag, or perhaps you throw them into a desk drawer when you get home. You know that the information is valuable, but who has the time to organize that mess? Here are our tips on best using your business cards and making them part of your networking and marketing strategy.

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4 Easy Communication Tips To Send Effective Emails

Image showing effective emails sent via a computer monitor.

Email is a vital communication channel for nearly every type of business. Your ability to communicate through email effectively is critical to your business relationships and success. Too much time can be wasted when sending multiple emails to complete a task. Use our four easy tips to send effective emails.

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5 Reasons Life Coaches Use Virtual Assistants

Life Coaches who need the help of a virtual assistant.

Are you a life coach trying to build your business? Like all entrepreneurs, you have many responsibilities on your shoulders with limited time available in your day. How can you free up some of your time so you can focus on your clients? Here are 5 reasons many life coaches should consider hiring a virtual assistant!

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What Can You Do When Your Team Calls In Sick?

Business Owner Is Burnt Out From Working Extra Hours Without the Help of a Great Team due to Calling in Sick

Have you ever noticed how the world stops when some people get sick? If it takes them a week to get back on their feet, so be it. Their energy is focused on the 4-6 hour intervals of medicine, rest, and chicken soup. However, small business owners don’t have the luxury to call in sick without the help of a great team.

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How To Establish Successful Working Guidelines With Your Virtual Assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant can be a rewarding experience for you and your VA. However, to avoid frustration on both ends of the relationship, some patterns of communication and expectations need to be established. The sooner you establish successful working guidelines in your relationship, the smoother and more beneficial the relationship will be.

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December 30th, 2021 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »
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