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Family and Friends Video Chat Programs

Family and Friends Video Chat Programs

With much of the world complying with a general stay-at-home order, every major activity and connection with people outside their homes has temporarily ceased for an undesignated period of time. Families not only have lost work or had to learn to work at home, but students are converting to school online, while any groups’ activities are also streaming or replaying on YouTube, social media videos, and websites. Our virtual world grew a lot bigger, while our intimate personal connections became almost non-existent. Planning for work-life balance in this era of remote everything has changed.

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Benefits of Virtual Assistants in Good and Bad Times

There has never been a time in history when companies have needed remote workers in the way they do now. Companies have rushed to convert office workers into home remote workers in order to accommodate government social distancing mandates. The companies that are not panicking are the ones who already work with virtual assistants, so social distancing is a non-issue. They already know how to communicate their needs to people who are trained and experienced in working remotely. Companies and workers who have chosen this work-style won’t miss a beat while the rest of the world is struggling to cope. 

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Staying Sane While Working from Home


If you own or work for a business now, you’ve likely had to work remotely to allow your company to stay in business while following a stay-at-home mandate. Even if you’ve worked remotely before, you probably haven’t had to also stay home for literally everything else. Having your work and home located in the same space 24/7 over an extended period could make you a little batty. If you need help setting up your workspace, read this. Here are some ideas to keep your head in the game and stay productive without losing your sanity, whether or not your company is on lockdown:

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Common Sense Business Management Practices

Business Management Practices

The common-sense way of doing business is not always as intuitive as it should be. We sometimes over-complicate a task or idea when, if we just gave it an honest moment of reflection, answers would come and the task would be less daunting. If you’re a busy owner with many employees, you might also think about hiring an online business manager

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The Positive Professional

positive professional

Running a small business can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but it can also be stressful, tiring and discouraging. How do you stay positive and help everyone else who works with you keep encouraged? 

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Good Leaders Need Good Followers


There’s a lot of good reference information available regarding the importance and qualities of good leadership in business. What about the followers? This term “followers” refers to the people who work for and with the leadership of an organization. You can have the best leadership money, experience, and training can provide, however, without followers, there is no point to corporate leadership.                                    

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