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Keyword Research: Jaaxy vs Google

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research involves using keywords to discover actual search terms that people enter into search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on, and researching how those keywords point people to what they are searching for online. Such data concerning search terms enables website builders and internet marketers to structure their site content strategy and marketing strategy to be more profitable.

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Use Google Hangouts for Virtual Meetings

You are a busy person and so are your clients. In today’s business world, you may even be countries apart. Yet, face to face interaction still counts for something in this digital age. When you can’t meet in person, the next best thing is a video conference call and Google Hangouts is a simple, free, reliable option.

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Want to Make Informed Decisions? Let Your VA Do the Research

With today’s technology ever changing and advancing at what seems to be the speed of light, keeping up with the latest and greatest can be challenging, even for the most tech savvy. The biggest part of the challenge is simply committing the time to do the research needed in order to make an informed decision. So how does the average business survive this evolving door of techno mania without falling into the abyss of out dated and underperforming software and services? This is the perfect assignment for your Virtual Assistant.

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Keep Everyone on the Same Page with Google Drive

There is an easy and affordable ways to create, share and collaborate on documents from anywhere you have online access. Google Drive, an extension on the first program Google Docs, gives individuals and businesses a secure way to store and share projects through their online cloud service, integrating with Google’s G-mail, Google+ and Google Hangout. The best part is that access can be granted to employees and other project team members so that everyone, where ever they are, can work together on  projects, all in real time.

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Marketing Advantages Of Using Google+

If you are not using Google+ as part of your social media marketing, the question you need to ask yourself is why not? While Facebook and Twitter, as well as many other social media networks, are all important players in social marketing, Google+ has distinct advantages that can help grow your business. If you are not currently using this venue or are not using it to its full potential, now is the time to get on board!

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Setting Up A Google+ Local Business Profile

One crucial step many businesses, especially smaller businesses, miss in building their online presence in setting up a Google+ local business profile. Even with all the other search engines out there, Google is still by far the largest and most used. Although Google+ was set up to be a social media outlet, whether or not you use that aspect of the service you should still set up your profile. It is fast and free and can enhance how local customers see your business when they bring you up on a Google search.

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