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Infographics: Make Your Data Visual

Grab your targeted audience’s attention fast with well designed, innovative infographics. When you have eye catching infographics you can’t help but pull in the interest of potential customers. The market is overflowing with information packed into millions of websites. Everyday more and more fish of all sizes show up in the sea of marketing. You want to stand out, but how can that happen when you are so small and all the other fish seem so big? Your secret weapon, besides excellent customer service, is the well-turned infographic.

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What Is New in Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is never stagnant, changing and evolving constantly with the audiences and businesses it serves. If you have a social media marketing program for your business, to be effective you must stay on top on the trends happening in this segment of advertising. There are several changes in this medium that many analysts agree will impact how business use social media marketing in 2015 and beyond.

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Why Internet Memes Make Great Marketing Tools

Even if you are not familiar with term “Internet meme”, you have undoubtedly been exposed to this social and Internet phenomenon. A cute picture of a baby with a funny tag attached or an endearing video of cute animals which spread through email, Facebook, YouTube and other Internet mediums are all examples of Internet memes. Many companies quickly have recognized the value of the meme for marketing; if they attach their name and brand to a meme which “goes viral,” they have just hit the marketing jackpot.

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