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Virtually Speaking

When you go to work everyday and have your own little cubicle amongst a sea of cubicles, you are aware of the “Office Protocol”.  It’s the unspoken understanding of how you work with and speak to colleagues and clients.  Of course, you will always have those that deviate from this standard but generally speaking, you know what is expected of you in the “real” world.

In the world of cubicles, you bump into colleagues everyday.  You chat it up over the water cooler and become familiar with one another’s boundaries.  Of course you will have your “close talker”; this is the employee that invades the personal space of others.  And there is always the “phone junkie”; the employee that likes to talk on the phone incessantly.  The ever popular “cubicle groupie” slurps a cup of coffee and makes the rounds of all the cubicles checking on everyone else’s work but not contributing anything themselves.

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