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The Deal of the Day: Groupon & Living Social

The newest coupon endeavor to overtake the business world is the deal of the day enterprise. In the past few years, the two giants of this new way to discount have swept over the nation: Groupon and Living Social. Both offer similar services yet have slightly different vantage points.

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Groupon & Living Social – What Are They and How Do They Work for Businesses?

Punk Rock Pastry - Bleeding Heart

As a business owner, are you looking for ways to attract customers to your business?

Most business owners are constantly trying to develop new ways to attract customers to their business, especially new customers who will develop into regular customers, continuing to drive repeat revenue. With all the competition out there, it can be difficult to get people to use your business, especially if they are already using someone else in your market. Why get your hair done at a different place, if you already have a good stylist?

Advertising costs money, and yet spending that money does not guarantee that the advertising will work. Sales and special deal pricing can also bring in new customers, but not if that expensive advertising does not work, which could cost you too much in profit if the sale does not generate enough volume.

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