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Happy People Habits

Everyone wants to be happy. Ideally, everything we do should have the ultimate goal of leading to our happiness. If that’s true, why are there so many unhappy people, especially at work? Bitterness, disappointment and depression are invasive and contagious but so is happiness. Being productive at work and home helps. Check out this article to address that. Resolve to cultivate your happiness and see how you could “infect” and transform your home, your community and work environment with your contagious joy and contentment.

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Featured Weekend Reading (05/06/2011)

And I wonder if you ever think of me

Woo Hoo its Friday! It has been long awaited but our favorite day of the week is here. And not a moment too soon!  Not only is it Friday , this weekend is Mother’s Day! So be sure to be good to your mama!

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