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New Social Media Strategies for 2017

Social media is now mainstream media. Users like sharing and receiving updates in real-time and the option to converse or otherwise interact. Smart advertisers and marketers will take advantage of how people use social media and tailor their strategies accordingly. With the speed of social media, dull advertisements with blatant sales messages pass by without garnering the attention of users, or their clicks. And clicks translate into selling your products or services. Here are some suggested strategies to guide your social media campaigns in 2017.

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Is Your Marketing Hashtag Friendly?

The hashtag has become the new icon for reaching targeted audiences across the web, used in almost every large company’s marketing campaigns. What Google did for searching the web, the hashtag is doing for social media marketing. Plain and simple, the hashtag allows businesses and individuals alike to transcend the barriers between all the social media platforms with one central message. This is perfect for businesses, tying all their traditional and social media marketing together. If you are not using hashtags effectively in your marketing, it’s time to re-think your marketing plan.

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