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Virtual Assistant Firm vs. Job Sites

Once you have made the decision to employ the services of a Virtual Assistant (VA), you are then faced with the choice of whether to go through a VA firm or search job sites for a viable candidate.  What are the benefits of using a VA firm as opposed to one of the many job sites?  The following information will highlight the advantage of utilizing the services of a VA firm over the numerous job sites on the internet.

The Search Stops Here:  A VA Firm has already gone through the interview process and has selected the best professionals in every area.  You are saved the hassle of sifting through, perhaps, hundreds of resumes and conducting time-consuming interviews and reference checks to narrow down the possible candidates for the project.   You can relax knowing that you already have the best person for the job.

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October 12th, 2009 by Team CVA | No Comments »

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