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SEO Tactics: Are You Behind the Times?

Search engine optimization or SEO is continuously evolving. Strategies that worked like clockwork just a few years ago are now obsolete. Keyword stuffing and generic content that once were used to gain the attention of search engines are now not only ineffective, they can hurt your SEO efforts. Google, Bing, and other search engines have upgraded their algorithms to spot these artificial attempts to move up the search engine ladder. To get the SEO results you desire, you may need to update your SEO tactics to keep up with your competitors.

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Staying On Top Of Website Management

Surf the web for a few hours and you will come across business websites from phenomenal to downright embarrassing. Some are easy to read and navigate, while others are have broken links and excessive verbiage, making it frustrating even to learn anything about the company’s products or services. Whether you own a brick and mortar business and only have a website because you were told you needed one or you do all your business through your website, your website needs to be managed to ensure that it is evolving with technology. If your website is falling behind the times, it may be time to invest in website management.

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Does Your Website Need A Tune-Up?

Is your website outdated, with the same tired design and content? Is it easy accessible from mobile devices? If your website has not been updated recently, you may be missing out on opportunities to connect with your customers and gain new ones. What was acceptable in web design just a few years ago has quickly become obsolete. To maximize your digital impact, it may be time for a website tune-up or even a complete makeover of your site.

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