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What Qualities Make an Excellent Virtual Assistant?

With the availability of Virtual Assistants on the rise, it can be difficult to choose exactly which one is right for you. A good virtual assistant can take hours off your working week and help you to run a more efficient business. If you are considering hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you manage your workload, here are a few important qualities to consider.

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Sequester Smooth Sailing: What to Know Before You Hire a VA

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you need help with everyday tasks, hiring a professional virtual assistant (VA) can help you with your bottom line. After years of working solo you understand how valuable your time is and how it should be invested. If you are considering hiring an assistant but you’re unsure how to go about it, sequester smooth sailing and find out how to hire a smart, qualified professional VA.

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Solve Your Staffing Issues with a VA


One of the hardest areas to manage in a small business is staffing. Most small businesses do not have the bandwidth to have enough employees to cover staffing issues that occasionally can happen. Whether it is losing an employee unexpectedly or needing more staff to cover a busy week, there are times when as a small business owner, you need a little extra help. That is when having a VA is the perfect solution!

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Got The Hiring Blues? Your VA Can Help!

One of the few benefits of a tough economy is that it can be a buyer’s market when it comes to hiring quality employees. This is an opportunity to add talented, experienced employees to your staff that would not be available otherwise. However, taking the time to effectively scout for new talent and wade through the many applicants can be difficult for a small business owner. What you need is a temporary HR assistant, a role that your Virtual Assistant can easily fill.

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So You’re Ready to Hire Your First Employee: What You Need to Know

Job interview

You’re a small business Superman, tackling a variety of business tasks in any given day. While you have to wear many hats as a small business owner, eventually you need to hire an employee or two once your income levels are capable of handling it. According to ADP Research Institute, 82,000 jobs were added to the economy in July from small business owners. If you’ve never hired an employee before, particularly in the IT sector, here are a few essential tips to keep it simple instead of stressful.

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Bolstering Your Workforce For The Busy Seasons

For many businesses, the holidays can be a busy time. If your business is involved with retail sales or travel, you may have a busy few months ahead, along with employees wanting time off for vacations and holiday plans. Most businesses have a time of the year, whether it is summer or winter that is a peak season for them, making staffing a challenge. Instead of having to hire more staff for their workforces, some businesses can use a Virtual Assistant to handle some of the extra work associated with peak seasons.

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