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December Blog Ideas


The end of the year offers many interesting blog topic ideas to create traffic on your company website. You may want to up your blog game and post more often to keep up with each of the holidays and stay connected to your customer base during the busy season. If you don’t think you have the time, consider how hiring a virtual assistant during the holidays can help. Be sure to include bright color photos. Here are some ideas for blog topics for December.  

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November 27th, 2019 by Client Advocate Team | No Comments »

Please Don’t Say “Think Outside the Box”

“Think outside the box” is, in my opinion, the most cliche, overused, annoying term in the business world.  Don’t misunderstand, I grasp the concept – I just can’t stand hearing the term over and over again.  Really, if you are thinking outside the box, can’t you think of any other terms to express the idea?  Why not think outside the box and consult a thesaurus?

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