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“I Feel Unproductive”: What You’re Doing Wrong

Everyone has days where they feel like they just can’t get anything done. Whether it’s the phone ringing off the hook, the many distractions the internet can provide, or you just can’t seem to keep your focus, sometimes your productivity can feel nonexistent.

But when this lack of productivity isn’t just a fleeting feeling, you might want to check in with yourself to see what it is that’s putting you behind. When you just can’t seem to pick up the pace at work, here are a few things that you might be doing wrong.

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7 of the Newest Books on Productivity


According to a quote from writer Franz Kafka, “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” Virtual Assistants are indispensable when it comes to freeing up time to do those things you haven’t been able to do. However, you still need to make sure that you are being productive. To enhance productivity, check out these current books on the subject:

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The True Costs of a Disorganized Business

Calendar paper ball and dollar

Is there a messy desk in the accounting manager’s office where you work? Or a giant file room with boxes and papers stashed in every corner that scares the temporary help? What about unorganized bosses who can’t seem to get in sync with their teams and business goals? A disorganized company can cost your company customers, contracts, deals, vendors, opportunities, productivity and real money. Disorganization is the enemy of profit, and the ultimate cost of being disorganized in business is a permanent closed sign on the doors.

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ContemporaryVA Case Study: Solutions for Client Management

PROBLEM: One medical facility was experiencing revenue and productivity loss due to patients who were failing to keep their scheduled appointments. Because many of these patients did not call and cancel their appointments in advance, the facility was left with open time slots on their calendar when patients failed to show up.

  • The office staff was already busy with their day-today operations and unable to take on the additional task of calling all patients to provide appointment reminders. This would allow scheduled patients to make cancellations and give the staff time to fill the slots with other patients.

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