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How to Keep Clients Happy


Happy clients

As a VA, being the there for the client is top priority. It’s important to develop good rapport and working relationships with clients. This means the VA needs to be there for them and go the extra two miles, not just one. That’s how to make and keep clients happy!

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What to look for in a Virtual Assistant

When you are considering the possibility of hiring a Virtual Assistant, you need to contemplate what exactly you are looking for.  What are the skills that you need?  What experience and even more importantly, what qualities are you looking for?  While the needs for every business owner will vary, here are a few things to consider when searching for a Virtual Assistant.

Experience:  This should be one of the main considerations when looking at a potential candidate.  You need to determine how much experience he or she has working from home.  It is imperative that you insist on and check references.  Be sure that the experience listed is what you are looking for.  A candidate may have substantial experience in word processing but if you’re looking for assistance in bookkeeping, then you probably need to consider someone else.

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