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Incorporating Virtual Assistants into a Traditional Office

As a business owner you are comfortable with the daily routine of your traditional office.  You know the intricacies of your workplace and can see the friendly faces of your employees in every cubicle or behind each desk.  Everything around you is tangible and you can go right to an employee when something is needed.  What happens when you decide to use the services of a Virtual Assistant?  How does that impact your traditional office and how will you need to adjust to working with a Virtual Assistant?  These are good questions and the answers can help you make the transition easily.

Robyn is the president of an online publishing software company.  Robyn found herself faced with these questions when she made the switch from working at a newspaper and being involved with that process on a daily basis to operating the software company.  Robyn was used to the daily interaction with other employees and discovered that there are some adjustments to working in the virtual world.  Robyn shares three helpful tips when making this addition to your company.

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October 7th, 2009 by Team CVA | No Comments »

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