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5 Ways Authors Use Virtual Assistants

As an author, you want to spend your time focusing on writing, not on every little detail of your business. A virtual assistant (VA) can be immensely helpful to your writing process by helping you with time-consuming or super detailed tasks.

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Saving Time While Researching Online. Is It Possible?

If you’ve ever wondered how you could squeeze more time out of your day, you’re not alone. People everywhere are trying to speed things up and have leaned on technology more and more often.

The internet is a great tool for quickly finding the information you need, but it can also be a time suck. Whether you are planning your travel, seeking marketing advice or checking up on your competitors, you can speed up your online research process with a little dedication and some time management.

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5 Top Virtual Assistant Specialties

Many people are now turning to Virtual Assistants (VAs) to cut down on overhead expenses. A qualified VA can meet your specific needs, save you money in the long run and help you out when those unexpected moments arrive. Some VAs prefer to work in a niche areas while others like to generalize for variety. Here are five of the top specialties in which you will find proficient Virtual Assistants.

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Want to Make Informed Decisions? Let Your VA Do the Research

With today’s technology ever changing and advancing at what seems to be the speed of light, keeping up with the latest and greatest can be challenging, even for the most tech savvy. The biggest part of the challenge is simply committing the time to do the research needed in order to make an informed decision. So how does the average business survive this evolving door of techno mania without falling into the abyss of out dated and underperforming software and services? This is the perfect assignment for your Virtual Assistant.

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You Have The Data But Are You Using It?

Data is one of the key components to business success. What are your customers buying and how often? What are the metrics within the industry? Year-over-year or month-over-month, how is your business performing? These are all questions that data can answer. Most businesses have the data available, but many have been negligent on using it to their advantage. This is usually because for this data to be beneficial, it first must be foraged and put into accessible form, which takes time and sometimes skills that not everyone has.

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Curing the VA/Client Relationship “Blahs”

Ah, there seems to come a time in every relationship where you hit that “stale” period.  You struggle to find things to do.  You don’t feel appreciated or needed.  I’m not talking about your love life, I’m talking about the VA/client relationship!

Yes, that’s right…just like any other relationship, your working relationship can suffer from apathy and complacency.  Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur who has employed the services of a VA but you REALLY haven’t put her skills to use for you?  Do you suffer from a fear of delegating tasks?

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